3 Tips To Give a Better Back Massage While Traveling

Whether your job forces you stand up on your feet or sit down at a desk all day, back pain is inevitably going to hit you.

It can be as severe as a debilitating sensation that causes extreme pain and discomfort, or it may only cause you to feel slight tension in the muscles. In any case, most physicians recommend a massage to help relieve some of the discomfort .

Following these 3 tips will help you give a better, more productive back massage that clients are sure to enjoy.

Start Slow

One of the keys to giving a successful back massage is to start slow and gently work your way into using a greater amount of pressure.

Back massaging generally requires a lot of pressure to work deep into the tissue and muscles, but you should start slow at first to warm the client up.

Performing a deep-tissue back massage without warming the client up can result in additional pain and discomfort, which is counteracts your massaging efforts. To begin with, gently rub the client’s back in a circular motion until you’ve covered all of the problematic areas.

After they’ve relaxed and the blood is flowing through their blood, start adding more pressure while asking the client if they are comfortable.

Target Areas

Before you start a back massage, ask the client what, if any, areas are causing them pain.

Once these areas are identified, you should focus most of your massaging on them.

As stated above, it’s important to start by massaging with low pressure and slowly work your way up to ensure you don’t cause any more discomfort to the client.

The best way to target certain areas with a back massage is to knead out the tissue and muscles.

The reason why people develop back pain is usually associated with tension or pinches nerves in specific areas of the back.

If you’re able to work these problems out, the client will find themselves relieved of some or all of their pain.

Use Various Techniques

A number of masseuses rely on a single technique when giving a client massage. While there’s nothing wrong with using a primary technique, you need to be changing it up.

For instance, use your fingers as well as your palms when giving a massage. The palm of your hand allows you to cover more area, but the fingers will exert a greater amount of concentrated pressure. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t allow yourself to get into the habit of only using one back massaging technique.